Privacy policy

Meda AB may collect personal information on visitors through this web site. 

Meda developed this privacy policy to provide visitors with a clear picture of how Meda handles personal information collected via the web site. The privacy policy explains under which circumstances Meda collects personal information and for what purpose it is used. Otherwise, Meda’s terms of use apply. The privacy policy only applies to the web site. 

By using the web site and/or providing Meda with personal information via the web site, visitors consent to Meda’s registration and use of personal information in the manner stated in this privacy policy.

The Swedish Personal Data Act (PDA)

The purpose of the PDA is to prevent infringements on people's privacy through the handling of personal information. 

Personal information is regarded as all types of information that can directly or indirectly be attributed to an individual living person.

Handling of personal information is regarded as the collection, registration, organisation, storage, or processing of such information. Personal information in the form of sound and images is also covered by the PDA. As well as automated handling of personal information, manual registers that are structured in a way that makes it easy to search for personal information are also covered by the law.

Those who alone or together with others determine the purpose and means of handling personal information are liable for the use of the personal information. These persons are normally the legal entities (or the authority) that handle personal information in their operation and who determine what information will be handled and what it will be used for. Meda is liable for the personal information collected on this web site.

Meda’s handling of personal information

Email sent to Meda via the web site may contain personal information covered by the PDA.

When visitors submit information to Meda via email they consent to Meda saving personal information. Personal information is saved exclusively for providing requested information and is deleted when such information is submitted. Meda saves email addresses and in some cases visitor names. If a visitor submits sensitive information to Meda, such as health information, Meda will regard the visitor to have consented to registration of this personal information as per the above. 

The personal information of visitors will only be handled by Meda and will not be used for marketing or submitted to a third party.

Visitors may, at any time, revoke their consent regarding the handling of personal information by contacting Meda. Meda will then delete the visitor’s personal information. This may result in the visitor not having access to information requested by the visitor.

Other information

Meda reserves the right to change and/or update policies and liability stipulations at any time. The latest version will always be available on the web site.

The privacy policy only applies to Meda’s Swedish web site. Meda’s foreign web sites have their own policies and liability stipulations. Links to Meda’s foreign web sites may be found on this web site as a service to visitors.

If you have questions regarding Meda’s privacy policy, comments regarding how we handle personal information, or related or unrelated direct questions, please contact us at or on +46 8 630 19 00. You can also write to us at this address: Meda AB, Box 906, SE-170 09 Solna, Sweden.

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