Our vision is to become a world leading specialty pharma company with focus on sustainable and profitable growth to provide value for our patients, shareholders and other stakeholders. 

Meda works systematically with relevant sustainability matters to support the company’s overarching business objectives. It is about identifying and managing risks and optimizing opportunities where sustainability matters impact on the business.

More details on Meda’s sustainability work are presented in the annual sustainability reports. Meda reports on its sustainability performance in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines since 2010. 

Meda’s Business Conduct Guidelines shall guide the daily work and serve as a foundation to many areas of Meda’s sustainability efforts. 

Safety and quality of Meda’s products are the essential priorities. Well-developed quality systems are applied across the organization. 

As an important aspect of managing sustainability matters across the value chain, Meda is increasingly working with sustainability management in the supply chain and seek to co-operate with suppliers on elevating the sustainability performance. Meda’s Supplier Code of Conduct is the steering document is this work and Meda has a system for assessing suppliers’ sustainability governance and performance. 

Meda’s business activities impact the surrounding environment. Meda strives to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, and governs this work through an active Environmental Management System certified according to ISO14001. Meda has reported its Green House Emissions data to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2009. 

Meda assigned to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in May 2012. This means that Meda has undertaken to respect and promote UNGC's ten principles on human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption. Meda has committed itself to work actively with issues on human rights, labor, environmental impact and anti-corruption. Meda commits to all internationally recognized principles on human rights as well as the ILO Core Conventions. Promoting the UNGC's ten principles will be part of the way in which Meda is governed and conducts its operations. Meda’s Communication of Progress on UNGC is carried out through the annual sustainability report. 

Meda considers it to be the company's duty to make a positive contribution to society. The greatest contribution Meda makes is to help improve health and well-being through effective operations. Furthermore, Meda shall be part of improving access to medicine and right to health, and supports relevant initiatives in this area. Meda contributes to the community via donations to aid and charitable organizations and sponsorship of research.

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