Meda has a set of policy documents that all employees shall be aware of and act in accordance with. They shall also guide the company’s relationship with external stakeholders. 

Business Conduct Guidelines

Meda’s Business Conduct Guidelines are fundamental. They shall guide the way every person in this company do business and support each person to make the right decision.

Quality Policy for Meda

Safety and quality of Meda’s products are essential priorities. The Quality Policy is part of the well-developed quality systems that are applied across the organization. 

Environmental Policy Meda

Meda strives to reduce its environmental impact. The Environmental Policy is a binding component of the company’s Environmental Management System which is certified according to ISO14001. 

Meda’s Supplier Code of Conduct

As an important aspect of managing sustainability matters across the value chain, Meda seeks to co-operate with suppliers to elevate the sustainability performance. The work with suppliers is governed by Meda’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

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