Community involvement

Meda considers it to be the company’s duty to make a positive contribution to society. The greatest contribution Meda makes is to help improve health and well-being through effective operations.  Furthermore, Meda contributes to the community via donations to aid and charitable organizations and sponsorship of research. Meda’s companies work locally with various issues, depending on the context.  


Meda has been a partner of AmeriCares since 2008. AmeriCares is a non-profit organization that delivers drugs, medical supplies and aid to people in need around the world. Since it was founded in 1982, the organization has supplied more than USD 12 billion in humanitarian aid to 164 countries. AmeriCares has helped mitigate the effects of cyclones in Bangladesh, earthquakes in Nepal, Peru and Pakistan, Hurricane Katrina in the US, famine in Darfur and the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Over the seven years of partnership with AmeriCares, Meda has donated more than USD 35 million in medicines and medical supplies to 65 countries.

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