Corporate Governance

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Shareholders exercise their rights to decide on Meda's affairs at the AGM.

The AGM is usually held in Solna (Stockholm). The date and venue for the meeting are provided on Meda's website upon release of the Q3 interim report. A notice, which convenes the meeting and contains information on the agenda and how to register AGM attendance, is published in Svenska Dagbladet, in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar and on Meda's web site. This notice is published no earlier than six and no later than four weeks before the AGM.

The AGM considers several central issues such as adoption of Meda's income statements and balance sheet for the past year, dividend, election of the board and auditor, discharge of liability for the board, and remuneration to the board and auditor.

Shareholders can participate and vote at the AGM – in person or through an authorized proxy. Shareholders are entitled to participate in and vote at the AGM if they are recorded in the register of shareholders and have reported their intention to attend by the specified deadline.

Shareholders who wish to have a matter addressed at the AGM may submit their proposal in writing to the board.

At the AGM, shareholders have the opportunity to ask questions about the Group's operations. Meda endeavors to ensure that board members and Group management members are always present to answer such questions. Meda's auditor attends the AGM.

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