About Meda

Sales and Marketing

Meda's sales and marketing organization is distinguished by its efficient structure where the employees in general have a high level of education. Our sales and marketing organization spans all of Europe and the US, as well as an increasing number of growth markets and are currently present in over 60 countries. 

At the end of 2015, Meda had around 4,600 employees, 2,690 of which worked in sales and marketing. 

Outside Sweden, expansion has taken place both organically and through acquisitions. Sales and marketing are crucial processes in the integration of an acquisition because success depends on the acquired company and its products being quickly integrated and commercialized according to the Meda model.  

The Meda model reflects several of the company’s fundamental values: 

  • Non-bureaucratic, efficient and business-driven
  • Highly efficient marketing and personal sales
  • Always take full advantage of the top talent and expertise in the acquired operations.

This website is intended for people seeking information on Meda AB's Global operations.
We also have national marketing sites. Links to these are under Meda Worldwide at the top of the page.