About Meda

Regulatory Affairs

Corporate Drug Regulatory Affairs (CDRA) has the following Strategic key objectives:

  • Pursue new product registrations & maintain existing portfolio globally (in most efficient and cost effective ways)
  • CDRA is committed to products & assigned projects. Also, seek creative solutions to drive projects forward & achieve project objectives
  • Monitor Regulatory developments to ensure Regulatory compliance with legislations globally
  • Strategic partnering, inside and outside Meda and providing cross-functional Regulatory expertise
  • Creatively manage & coordinate Regulatory activities together with local Meda affiliates or 3rd parties in countries worldwide
  • Balance the need to meet objectives with limited staffing, using consultants to meet immediate needs & to provide additional expertise
  • The quality of work of CDRA will remain consistently high. We will demonstrate accuracy, thoroughness and effectiveness in our tasks. Identify contingency plans for areas that may be an issue or need improvement
  • CDRA will provide creative solutions to Regulatory strategies for Meda’s key strategic products , and wherever feasible

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