About Meda

Product Development

Meda is primarily active in late stage clinical development and the development function has 449 employees who work on development, clinical trials and drug registration.

The value-generating work performed in Meda’s development department is focused on tailored clinical development programs and the compilation of scientific arguments defending, exploring and highlighting product features. As a specialty pharma company, Meda refrains from high-risk, capital-intensive early research. Instead the company’s resources are concentrated on development ‘close to market’ in the late clinical or registration phases. The focus is often on well-known active ingredients and improving the characteristics of existing products, for example through:

• New improved formulations, such as a pen in addition to the cotton swab for the medical device product EndWarts, which contains formic acid for the treatment of warts

• Development of combination products, such as Dymista (azelastine and fluticasonepropionate) for allergic rhinitis

• Internationalization and regulatory approval of approved drugs, such as Novolizer, Acnatac, Zyclara and Dymista, in new countries/ regions

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