About Meda

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Meda combines proprietary production with contract manufacturing of drugs. In 2015, Meda’s proprietary production accounted for around 40% of the company’s volume. Meda has continuous focus on improving efficiency in purchasing, manufacturing and distribution. This includes finding the right balance between proprietary and external manufacturing.

Meda’s proprietary production takes place at these units. 

Cologne (Germany)

Around 260 employees. Production of various ­preparation forms, for example Novolizer.

Troisdorf (Germany)

Around 240 employees. Multipurpose production of oral solid dosage, liquids, gels and granules, for example Legalon, Reparil and Agiolax. At a site in Goa extruded granules of Agiolax/Agiocur are produced to be packed later in Troisdorf.

Merignac (France)

Around 260 employees. Production of creams, liquids and solutions, for example Betadine and Elidel.

Dublin (Ireland)

Around 160 employees. Production of glucosamine sulphate (API), oral solid dosage and drops, for example the products Dona, Zyma and Plantaben. Recently awarded the Responsible Care Award (2013) from European Chemical Industrial Council (CEFIC).

Confienza (Italy)

Around 80 employees. Production of cosmetics (liquid soaps and semisolids) and food supplements in tablets, for example Saugella, Armolipid and Estromineral.

Decatur (Illinois, USA)

Around 90 employees. Production of various preparation forms, for example Soma, Astepro and Geritol. 

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